Vancouver Maker Faire 2011 – 2 more sleeps!

I’m getting super excited for this weekend. There are so many makers projects that I want to see. There will be a woman teaching workshops on how to make bacon from scratch! Mondo Spider and Panterragaffe will be there.
Any conference that requires all visitors to sign a waiver before they’re granted entry (seriously) is pretty awesome in my books.
Only 2 more sleeps to go!
Speaking of sleep, I’ve been having strange dreams lately. I dreamt last night that I was being ticketed for Scottish dancing without a permit.
I didn’t know I could Scottish dance.

MAKER FAIRE IS THIS WEEKEND!! June 25th and 26th

Vancouver Maker Faire is this weekend! It’s the very first one in Vancouver so make history and be there!
Get your tickets here:
Derek and I are putting the final touches on our projects. We actually finished everything! Amazing!
Here’s a pic of the brass octopusses/pi on the bench arms. We added these this week.

We’ve put a grainy video up of the project set up in our living room.

Everything designed and built by us in 3 months. So tie-tie.

Maker Faire – Flight of the Bumble Bee

…has pretty much been the sound track to our lives for the past 4 months. Check out our Flight of the Bumble Bee video here:

This video will be playing in “ContainR” at Maker Faire.
It’s next weekend folks, step right up and get your tickets!
It’s only a 2 day event and there are a limited number of tickets.