New Projects!

Below are a couple images of the upcoming projects we are cutting this weekend on the CNC!
In other news….Derek has emerged from the basement!
The good news? The 3D printer is printing! Yay! The not so good news is that it is only printing grotesquely malformed lumps of orange plastic.
Other than a working 3D printer, there is only one thing that could have caused Derek to leave the basement….BEER.
And lots of it.
We ordered a keg from of Lagunitas IPA from the States.
Being in Canada, Americans would think, by our reputation as fine ale connoisseurs, that good beer would be fairly easy to come by. Not so my American friends. The Canadian government has put all sorts of silly rules in place which means we have a cruelly limited selection (Molson, Budweiser and our foreign import…..steady your nerves…Corona *gasp* and maybe a few other local brands elbowing their way in for a brief spell of glory on the shelf.
I weep openly every time I walk into our government controlled liquor store – which we have to hike 60 miles through the frozen tundra to get to – and don’t talk to me about our grocery stores where the only alcohol you’ll find is in the mouthwash aisle.
Anyway, I digress, so we have struggled with these government workers, pleading, cajoling, begging for them to help us bring in some US import beer.
Incase you are an infant in your mother’s womb, or in a religious cult which forbids all pleasures or simply sadly deprived and unaware, the US currently makes the best beer in the world.
It is a crime against mankind that we don’t get more of it, seeing as we are two countries divided only by an invisible barrier, most definitely permeable by liquid of the acoholic sort.
Derek and I have fought valiantly, travelling far and wide and we finally found our break when Ali at the BC liquor Distribution Branch pointed us in the direction of (Thank you Ali)
Sadly we were not able to get our first choice which, of course, was of the Dogfishhead variety – – makers of the finest ales in the world, probably ever created in the history of mankind. However Brad at uneedabottle was able to procure an IPA from Lagunitas, a very fine ale indeed. The catch….it only comes in 60 litre kegs. Roll that around for a minute….sssssixxxxty litres. Think about how much beer that is. We need drinking friends, and we need them now. Any brave souls who would like to volunteer for this worthy charge, step boldly forward now. ..(Stagger backward later).
A side story to this is how Dogfish head Brewery in Delaware, overwhelmed by their recent surge in popularity, thought it would be a good idea to just not deliver to the folks out west. Thought we wouldn’t notice. That we didn’t count. I would like Sam to know that he should prepare to receive a nasty letter from me this week about how much Dogfishhead means to us and how we fought a grizzly, two polar bears, forded a river, killed a moose and lost 3 fingers due to frostbite to pick up our last 6 pack of 90 minute. Now I ask, what have your East coasters done for you lately?

We were there! Vancouver Maker Faire 2011!!

Firstly, I would like to apologize for the lack in updates over the past 2 months.
Sorry to keep you all on the edge of your seats, you may now resume normal seat position.
Couldn’t be helped.
We’ve only recently recovered from Vancouver’s first Maker Faire that took place this year on June 25th to 26th.
It’s taken this long to dig ourselves out of the disaster zone that we call our workshop and get things reorganized, or, as the term organized didn’t apply to begin with, how about we just say organized.

Vancouver Maker Faire was fantastically successful with nearly 100 exhibitors and over 7000 attendees. After four months of fast paced making, Derek and I managed to pull off our projects! Yay! In total, making a display, backlit sign, upholstered bench, 2 bookcases and many other smaller projects.
It was great to see family and friends and many familiar, friendly faces at the event.
We brought along our mini CNC Andre to the event to demonstrate how a CNC works and talked about how we made the large projects on Big Ben our big CNC.

So what’s planned for next year? Lots of course. As usual, far more than is entirely reasonable.

Derek has a new toy in the basement which is why he hasn’t seen daylight in the past 2 weeks.
It’s a 3D printer. He’s just finishing up the building of it this weekend.

I’m working on several new designs, clocks, furniture, pub signs etc. We will post more photos soon!
Derek will also be posting about the building of the 3D printer as soon as I can draw him out of the basement, blinking into the sunlight, following my carefully placed trail of electronics parts.
He’s currently fairly non-responsive to vocal prompts.
I check on him once in a while, feed him, check to see that he isn’t setting anything on fire, that sort of thing.
However, there is a burgeoning feeling of excitement in the air, and I feel the printer’s completion is imminent, which means we should be 3D printing in the next few days or so.

Until then, check out a few photos of our display at the event…

Derek with Andre our mini CNC:

Back lit sign