Driveway Address Sign – VOTE!!

We’re planning a bit of an elaborate house sign at the front of our driveway.
I’ve done two design sketches which are shown below.

So my question is, which one do we build? Whichever gets the most votes is the one we build!(facebook, email or in the comments below)

Not much variation in the theme (sea creatures) but I will take your preferences into consideration when creating the final abomination such as; should it feature more eyeballs, or fewer eyeballs? More squamous and batrachian creatures or fewer? More amorphous, or more defined?

In consideration of my neighbors nerves I’ve used great restraint, just hinting at the horrors that lurk in the stygian blackness of the sea floor just steps from our sleepy seaside town. To an unobservant person passing by under a gibbous moon through the dank fog crawling from the sea, this may appear to be something entirely familiar such as an octopus.
It is not.
Have I erred in judgement? Are my neighbors made of stouter stuff? Shall I test them further? Is a third rendition required?

Here’s the first version standing at just over 6ft tall:
Second version at about 5ft tall:
Here’s a rough idea of some of the colours when it’s painted:

3D Printing Demo at the Arts Building in Gibsons 7pm TONIGHT (April 17th)

We’ll be doing a 3D printer demo at the Arts Building in Gibsons tonight.

(next to the Gibsons library here is a map).

The meet-up is social with some show and tell. There will also be the supplies to make some draw-bots and have some races.

“Army of Evil Robots” have their new print head so will be bringing their 3D printer, and hopefully Dan will bring the new robot arm he is working on. It has some neat unique features.

Everyone at the last meet-up had so many diverse skills.  If you have a transportable project that you want to get feedback on, go ahead and bring it!




Finally getting some shop time in this weekend after spending every spare moment of the past couple of weeks prepping the garden for the growing season.
Projects seem to be piling up faster than we can finish them.
It’s been a busy winter with work and reno’s but spring brings longer, warmer days and more time spent on fun workshop projects.

Progress on the Workshop window and door lintels is happening slowly.

The workshop has 3 doors, a large 9ft wide window and a patio door. Each of them has 4inch fir trim and will be topped with a custom designed lintel.

These start out with my rough pencil sketches:


get fleshed out in Illustrator:


Derek takes the files and sets them up in 3D software to plan the cuts then the magic starts as we watch the CNC make an idea into a real object.
Our new Fein sanding and cutting tool makes the finishing go a lot quicker:

Here’s a pic of one of the door lintels. Still lots of finishing to do and the final varnish but you get the idea.

I’ll post more photos when they’re all up!