Army of Evil Robots is a collaborative effort between designer/multi-media artist Helen Highwater and über nerd Derek Anderson. We build robots that build robots that turn evil and build awesome things.

We currently have 2 CNCs; our littlest CNC named Andre, with a 4 inch by 6 inch cutting area and Big Ben, which Derek built December 2011, with a 4 ft by 4 ft cutting area.
A CNC is a Computer Numeric Controlled machine that cuts out whatever shape you program it to. Occasionally they can malfunction, reset to the default evil robot BIOS and develop self awareness.
Derek’s latest additions the our robot family are his amazing 3D printers.

We’ve built several projects over the past year such as signage, furniture, strange creatures and more.
We love experimenting with new materials and styles, and we love being makers.
Being a maker means that you’ll never be satisfied with buying off the shelf, shrink wrapped, disposable things. We’ll void our warranties, improve our tools, be inspired by others and expand our knowledge. We won’t be discouraged when we fail, we’ll just learn from our experiments and from others experience, hoping in turn to inspire other Makers.