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We are Helen Highwater and Derek Anderson, makers of extraordinary home pub furnishings, and barley enthusiasts! (our dog is even named Barley)
This blog is where we will post how-to stories, travel photos as we visit pubs, breweries and distilleries around the world, as well as giving a peek into the madness of our daily lives.
Our custom home pub furnishings and equipment are not only awesome, they’re made with love in our workshop by our CNC robots and 3D printers.

We believe any home that doesn’t have its own private pub is just uncivilized; (background music swelling) an oversight by home builders causing needless deprivation and suffering. We want to change that. You can call us heroes, but we’re just regular people that want to change the world…(camera pans out, background music crescendo!) one home pub at a time!