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Front Hall Shelf finished

18 Jul

We’ve been working on a few projects for the house lately. A shelf for the front hall (below) and a few shelves for the bathroom which I will post soon. I’ve been experimenting a bit with Livos oils for finishing and playing with my new Fein MultiMaster tool. Getting great results!
Have I mentioned I love having a CNC? Derek built our CNC a few years ago and now that our shop is built it’s been running a lot! I love sketching an idea, drawing it on the computer and watching the CNC cut out the shapes, I love having a brilliant hubby who builds awesome machines and I LOVE not having to shop for shelves at Ikea ­čÖé




10 Apr

Finally getting some shop time in this weekend after spending every spare moment of the past couple of weeks prepping the garden for the growing season.
Projects seem to be piling up faster than we can finish them.
It’s been a busy winter with work and reno’s but spring brings longer, warmer days and more time spent on fun workshop projects.

Progress on the Workshop window and door lintels is happening slowly.

The workshop has 3 doors, a large 9ft wide window and a patio door. Each of them has 4inch fir trim and will be topped with a custom designed lintel.

These start out with my rough pencil sketches:


get fleshed out in Illustrator:


Derek takes the files and sets them up in 3D software to plan the cuts then the magic starts as we watch the CNC make an idea into a real object.
Our new Fein sanding and cutting tool makes the finishing go a lot quicker:

Here’s a pic of one of the door lintels. Still lots of finishing to do and the final varnish but you get the idea.

I’ll post more photos when they’re all up!

Reticulatus: Python Reprap Turbo-Ginsu!

27 Sep

Python based 3d printer slicers need to be faster: rantenki/reticulatus.

It should be noted that this has no interface, no gui, not cmdline, and cannot yet be used for slicing unless you call the libraries directly from python.
That is all.

2nd Clock project

7 Jun

Here’s a brand new clock we’re in the middle of making. The top shows the design, below that are a few snapshots of the first two layers cut. The base layer is a 2 inch thick slab of walnut, next is the maple, the top layer will be tigerwood. That’s the orange top part in the drawing. We will be cutting the tigerwood this afternoon. We’ll bring is along to Maker Faire in whatever stage of completion it happens to be. This one is much bigger than our first clock, ┬ámeasuring about 2ft wide….working our way up to a grandfather clock.Image

Mirror, mirror…

7 Jun

Here’s another project we’ve┬ájust┬ácompleted. The mirror frame is maple, cut on the CNC. Decorated with the blue dyed 2 part resin. Planning the next mirror now which will be a full length one. Hopefully I’ll post the design soon.


Time for a beer!

7 Jun

Well the pub sign is finally done! We’ll be bringing it to Maker Faire this year but it’s final home will be┬áabove our kegerator beside┬áthe┬ábar.

We cut the sign on our big CNC from scraps of HDU (High Density Urethane) kindly given to us by Dan Sawatsky of Imagination Corporation. Dan is pretty much the world’s greatest sign maker and a huge inspiration.

Phew! I think it’s time for a beer.


First clock finished

6 Jun

Here is a photo of our first clock finished with the engraved brass inset parts.