Shop Window

24 Mar

Spring always seems to give us a boost of energy for getting projects finished. We posted this drawing a while back.
It’s the sketch of the top window frame over the patio door in the shop. We finally cut and finished the one for the shop window. This window looks in over our CNC. We’ve completed a lot of new projects over the past few weeks – my favorite, a beach beer box! I’ll post photos soon!

Front Hall Reno and Paintings

19 Mar

Finally finished the front hall reno! We collected rocks from the beach for the past year to use with the tile on the floor. Didn’t realize how much work it would be to install them. 14 hours on our hands and knees! I also finished the 3 arbutus paintings and the mural wall. Really happy with how it all turned out. I realized while I was painting them, that I haven’t painted anything since January 2008. About time I started again.

Best thing about our new hallway? the tile hides dirt really well!



Front Hall Shelf finished

18 Jul

We’ve been working on a few projects for the house lately. A shelf for the front hall (below) and a few shelves for the bathroom which I will post soon. I’ve been experimenting a bit with Livos oils for finishing and playing with my new Fein MultiMaster tool. Getting great results!
Have I mentioned I love having a CNC? Derek built our CNC a few years ago and now that our shop is built it’s been running a lot! I love sketching an idea, drawing it on the computer and watching the CNC cut out the shapes, I love having a brilliant hubby who builds awesome machines and I LOVE not having to shop for shelves at Ikea :)



Trail Sign

13 Jul

Finished up a trail sign for “Twister” a bike trail on the coast that Dale Sapach has been working on.
Working on “Progression” and “Diagon Alley” next! Pictures coming soon!

Bathroom Reno is nearly done!

7 Jun

With only a toilet and cold water sink in an outbuilding (no tub or shower) for seven weeks, I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Indoor plumbing! What a novelty!

Here’s the before shot:




Close up of the awesome Edison bulbs:


22 Apr

Made some progress on a few projects this weekend!



Driveway Address Sign – VOTE!!

18 Apr

We’re planning a bit of an elaborate house sign at the front of our driveway.
I’ve done two design sketches which are shown below.

So my question is, which one do we build? Whichever gets the most votes is the one we build!(facebook, email or in the comments below)

Not much variation in the theme (sea creatures) but I will take your preferences into consideration when creating the final abomination such as; should it feature more eyeballs, or fewer eyeballs? More squamous and batrachian creatures or fewer? More amorphous, or more defined?

In consideration of my neighbors nerves I’ve used great restraint, just hinting at the horrors that lurk in the stygian blackness of the sea floor just steps from our sleepy seaside town. To an unobservant person passing by under a gibbous moon through the dank fog crawling from the sea, this may appear to be something entirely familiar such as an octopus.
It is not.
Have I erred in judgement? Are my neighbors made of stouter stuff? Shall I test them further? Is a third rendition required?

Here’s the first version standing at just over 6ft tall:
Second version at about 5ft tall:
Here’s a rough idea of some of the colours when it’s painted:


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