Chapter Three – The Workshop

Last but not least, the workshop. There is still much to do here, window trim and much of the finishing and counter-tops etc. However I thought I’d post a photo of the new extension.

I’ll post more photos as we finish more.

That’s my workbench that Derek built from the old bowling lane wood. (Thanks Honey) Also on the right you can see our old kitchen cabinets re-purposed and spray-painted red and black.

Also a few shots of the landscaping . The garden got pretty torn up during the renovation but you wouldn’t know it now!




Table Refinishing Project

Our lives have been taken over by puppies and renos for the last few months. Not much time for fun projects.  I managed to get in the shop this week for a super quick project. Started out as an old vintage singer sewing stool that came with a sewing machine that our friend Laurie gave us a while back. (Thank-you!!) I forgot to take a before shot but I did find a photo of the same stool for the before/after. I painted the base, replaced the top and did a little wood burning design on top. Pretty happy with how it turned out.


3D Printed Lamps

Finally getting around to posting these lamps. We are going through some pretty major renos this year including our kitchen with a bar area. (Yes, of course it’s going to have plumbed in beer taps, did you really need to ask?) We’ll also be installing hanging pendant lights over the bar top and I’d been thinking about 3D printing our own. This year we were involved in an art show as well as the Synchronicity Festival and I made the lamps my project. Designing these shades is super fun and addictive. I’ve probably made around 20 designs. These are the 3 we chose to show.

The left hand one is printed from wood filament, the center from copper filament and the right from PLA plastic. They’re all printed on Derek’s first 3D printer. That printer is probably 5 years old now and still going strong!


I think we will be going with a series of 3 of the PLA shades for the bar top. I’ll post a photo once the renos are done.


Derek designed and built another 3D printer for the shows which we will post about in the next week or so. It’s a powder bed printer. He is currently working on his 3rd printer. Hopefully it will be finished in the next couple of months.

Summer is now even better!

Thank-you Ian Ridgway for our fab new deck! We LOVE it!!


Other than sanding and finishing deck boards, we have been working on loads of new projects.

The latest is our awesome beach beer box! Last summer we realized we needed a box to carry our beer to the beach (Yes, yes I know, poor me!) so this year we made one.


We also made several for a few friends.

beerbox3 beerbox beerbox2

We’ll be posting lots of new projects up in the coming weeks including 3D printed lamps and yet another, even more awesome 3D printer!

Looking forward to showing the new 3D printer up and running at the Synchronicity Festival in a couple of weeks!

Clock finally finished, and a new filament for the 3D printer!

This took a while to complete. We had the body finished a while back but still had to cut the copper parts and face.

Finally finished it this weekend with some figured maple. The back plate is 3D printed with wood filament! Love the way this looks. It’s basically like printing MDF. Derek has ordered several spools of unusual materials so we’ll be experimenting a bit in the coming weeks.





Shop Window

Spring always seems to give us a boost of energy for getting projects finished. We posted this drawing a while back.
It’s the sketch of the top window frame over the patio door in the shop. We finally cut and finished the one for the shop window. This window looks in over our CNC. We’ve completed a lot of new projects over the past few weeks – my favorite, a beach beer box! I’ll post photos soon!

Front Hall Reno and Paintings

Finally finished the front hall reno! We collected rocks from the beach for the past year to use with the tile on the floor. Didn’t realize how much work it would be to install them. 14 hours on our hands and knees! I also finished the 3 arbutus paintings and the mural wall. Really happy with how it all turned out. I realized while I was painting them, that I haven’t painted anything since January 2008. About time I started again.

Best thing about our new hallway? the tile hides dirt really well!